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Estate Planning Packages

Highest quality, professionally reviewed estate planning, tailored to

where you are in life.

Families with Minor Children

Protect your growing family with estate planning documents that allow you, and not the State, decide: Who makes decisions for you if you become incapacitated by an accident or sudden illness, and who raises your children if you pass away while they are minors.

Classic Estate Planning

If you’ve never had estate planning documents before or your circumstances have changed and you need new ones, this package is for you. Whether you are newly married or your kids have left the nest, this package covers all the essentials to protect you and the ones you love.

College Students

It may be hard to believe, but your 18 year-old headed to college needs legal documents as well. If you’re not named on their powers of attorney (both financial and medical), you no longer have the authority to act for them with doctors or financial institutions, should they have a medical emergency that leaves them incapacitated for a period of time. Protect them and your ability to help them with our package for young adults.

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